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Assistant Professor
Departments of Bioinformatics and Computer Science
Department of Applied Mathematics & Statistics
Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, NY 11794-8322

Email: romeil.sandhu (@)
Phone: 631-632-2591
Fax: 631-638-1323
Office: Old Computer Science Building, 2314F

About Me

My academic research lies on the intersection of control, geometry, and statistics applied towards a variety of problems rooted in networks, imaging, and learning. Outside of work, my favorite past time is spending quality time with my dog June (beach frisbee!).

For Students

Note: If you are interested PhD student with a computational (C/C ++) background, please email me about opportunities. Those students who have a control, optimization, and geometry (or similar) mathematical background are especially encouraged to apply.

For High School Students

Note: Due to a large volume of emails regarding the Simons and CSIRE HS program mentorship, I am unable to respond to every inquiry. To be considered, please details regarding particular opportunities here.

For Researchers

Note: My earliest publications are primarily on control-based vision (via PhD) with recent focus split on network control (upon return to academics).

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