Below is a list of publications, venues, and philosophy.

Publication Venues

My publication venues have ranged generally on the intersection of imaging & learning (PAMI,CVPR,ECCV) to control (ACC,CDC,TAC) to networks (Science, Nature, MTNS) to systems biology (TMI, BIBM).

PhD Publication Advice (For Students)

  • Never let anonymous reviewers degrade your work. Its your idea, you know it best!

  • You are fortunate if you have one good idea, and if lucky, two great ideas in a lifetime!

  • Consider publications as a service.

  • Balance learning and publishing (independent events)

  • Follow your passion and not some metrics (citations, venue).

  • Publication productivity does not necessarily equal quality (maybe the opposite?).

  • Make mistakes, get rejected. At best, you learn. At worst, its a reason for beers.

  • Honesty, kindness, and politeness are the best transactions. It also costs you nothing.

  • Methods are developed by skills. Learn a skill, not just the method.

  • Academia does not need to fit classic stereotypes, only if you allow it.

List of Publications (In Preparation, Last Updated Fall 2020)

List of Publications (In Submission, Last Updated Fall 2020)

List of Publications (Peer-Reviewed, Last Updated Fall 2020)

“The arXiv Abyss” (Some Cited Papers, Some Never Got Around to Publishing Due to Other Research)