Below is a list of publications, venues, and philosophy.

Publication Venues

My publication venues have ranged generally on the intersection of imaging & learning (PAMI,CVPR,ECCV) to control (ACC,CDC,TAC) to networks (Science, Nature, MTNS) to systems biology (TMI, BIBM).

PhD Publication Advice (For Students)

  • Never let anonymous reviewers degrade your work. Its your idea, you know it best!

  • You are fortunate if you have one good idea, and if lucky, two great ideas in a lifetime!

  • Consider publications as a service.

  • Balance learning and publishing (independent events)

  • Follow your passion and not some metrics (citations, venue).

  • Publication productivity does not necessarily equal quality (maybe the opposite?).

  • Make mistakes, get rejected. At best, you learn. At worst, its a reason for beers.

  • Honesty, kindness, and politeness are the best transactions. It also costs you nothing.

  • Methods are developed by skills. Learn a skill, not just the method.

  • Academia does not need to fit classic stereotypes, only if you allow it.

Autonomy/Perception (Subareas: Controls, Geometry, Vision, PDEs, Manifold Learning)

Autonomy/Network Control (Subareas: Controls, Riemannian Geometry, Topology, Statistical Physics)

Learning (Subareas: Control, Optimization)

Note: These publications do not necessarily fit above.

Economics (Subareas: Riemannian Geometry, Control, Statistical Physics)